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Thursday, April 14th, 2005
8:48 pm
THE ORIGIN OF MOOPIE (dumdadadaaa)
"what is ur story of moopie? i just made up the name one day and decided to name this comunity it.. but u have a story!? i wanna hear it!!!"

You (well one anyway) asked so here we be....go....whatever.....
I still dont have a pic o me yet so you wont be able to see, but a year ago a good/weird freind of mine came up with the idea that i looked like a anime charactor. didnt say which just that i looked like one....this went on for a few weeks untill one day he grabed me and screemed MOOPIE! After my eardrums stoped bleeding he went on to explain that he had once killed a cybernetic cat in an MORPG once whose name was "Moopie." Somewhere afterwards that became my nickname.
so there ya go...not a pretty (or logical story) but its me :D. s' funny you just made that up. heh Oh yah Moopie is also my artist name so if ney yall see/hear/read that spread the word. much obliged \m/

Current Mood: artistic
Monday, December 27th, 2004
10:46 pm
ok ok i wont be the first to say it, im not one for journals. Never have been never will be, tiss the way of things. but since all of my entries have been me being angry teenager "i hate the world" i thought id try agian.

tiss two days after Christmas in 2004, and I? very unsettled. ill not lie, Im also not one for vacations, dont get me wrong i hate work just as much as everyone else and love to laze just as much. but im also one who has to fell like hes acomplished something first before i can take a break. and francly, i havent felt accomplished in a very very long time. its not that i dont try, i just havent been inspired to do much. my art has drifted from broad expresion to exploring to boundries of the comic world (ask me for more on that) so i havent really had the chance to do major portraits, and while iv been gone Sahra from school has taken that style farther than i ever could (looks like my place as master artist at RMA is gone.) im not one for writing , iv tried to write but its just easier to draw it out. i supose it really is my lack of inspriation that brings me down.
im 16 and i still havent got my liscence, why? well iv talked with my parent sabout it and weve set dates but we keep forgeting about them. im not affraid of driving mind you, i just dont care for it. i dont care for cars and if i want to go somewhere i get more satisfaction walking. but mum dosnt like that and she wants me to get my liscence just so i can drive to and from school. i agree it would make it much easier one her as weel as me. i dont know...they tell me to go when im ready, i tell them i couldnt care less. and hear we are.

oh my look at the time...i think ill cut it off here and continue sometime latter. see a short one! well latter folks!
moopie out

Current Mood: discontent
Saturday, October 16th, 2004
10:04 pm
its been a long time comming
yes well its 10:o5 on a saturday night, i should be doing englsh homework (fsk that) and iv taken boardom to a new level of inlightenment (heh siddhartha had the river, mahamid had is mountian top) to each his own i supose. s'been a long time since my last entry, the resion bieing: turns out that im not much of a jounral person, bearing my souls' always been odd...specialy when no one listens/reads so for those few of the origonal few who are still hoping for an update here it is and if your peeed about the wait then GET STUFFED! i love bbc phrases. ok for the filler:
much has happend in the time laps, much has changed and yet things are still the same. i am now a jounier in High school at teh River Mill academy, which has permitly mooved out of the mill and away from the river. my dreaded class which for years has been the scurge (is that right?) of the school since it first opend years ago has flickerd out to barley a whimper. so many of the former students have left it feels like an episode of Twilight Zone. along with the rest of the class have gone my friends. Sean (Zilo) left in the middle of last year, Matt (Zashi) has been acepted to rhe school of Math and Science where judging from his random ims he couldnt be happier, Heather (Snow) has left Rma for ...oh the name escapes me but its in the mill the THE MILL used to be (funny huh?), Jenny (too many names just caller her jenny) has gone off to Williams where she tells me shes a genus (rmas a college prep and williams public) and hopefully she shall return to rma and we might once agian torment the school with our bounless stupidity/ brilliance (you decide), Jannel (hoe) has left for some christian academy where she couldnt be happier. as for me? this year has been a reminder of the times when i had no friends and i followed people around in hopes they would realize my presence. note i still have "friends" the sophmores still convorsed and if i can corner them alone we actually share a very intristing bond, but of course once there becomes a group my presence fades into the background never to be heard from agian. pity, well story of my life i supose. im a friend for hire when no one else is around to give real advise so they pick ol Drew then leave as soon as someone else comes around "crisis over bye bye now". yes well enough of that. Suukou is officaly dead. mainly because the site crashed and im too lazy to do another one. but also because i wasnt happy with whear the story was or where it was going. i dont know but iv taken some time off to develop my styles into one of my own instead of riping people off. for any one who actually cared about my comic id be happy to hear any ideas or coments or insults about my abilities. i now play the gutiar...well iv been trying since christmas and over the summer iv taken group lessions to learn the basics, found a group starting at school in which i am now in. i saved money up and bought a fender Stratacaster Squire eletric quitar. and for my b-day i was graised with a 20 wat amp. this has quickly taken over my life although i still live with for my acoustic and i must say things are coming together pretty nicely. chords are becoming easir to learn, my song list is growing and im starting to write my own. music of course i cant write lyrics to save my life. in any cas ei love my gutiars. damnit there hasnt been someone online in 3 days let alone some one online who would actually aproch me in convorsation. well i supose thats my life. and thats all i care to share at the moment that you for reading "well your quite welcome it has been a pleasure exploiting your pathetic life" normally i would be insulted but you seem just so darn polite and sincer "yes well thats all good and boring but im afriad i must go now" yes i as well. and thats the show "say good night gracie" GOOD NIGHT GRACIE!

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Sunday, May 2nd, 2004
8:14 pm
All your base are belong to us!!!
yes im still hooked on that freeking song -grr- ......oh my god i actually did an update without waiting like two months. wow .......ok well what to say what to say.....oh yea went to go see Last Samuri yesterday with my dad at the graham cenima......$2 seats WOOWHO!.......i know i know its a little late to be seeing it in theater but screw you people.....first i must say that i am definatly going to consider getting the dvd (there is a diffrence between considering and actually getting just so you know) that was an awsome move and i dont know what everyone was talking about it being so violent and gory.....THAT MOVIE WAS ART! there were only 2 beheadings, the first a treeblocked all of your view so you didnt see it and the second was silowheated (i so spelled that wrong) and ou just saw the head roll off.....and the blood.....what was everyones problem?.....so the blood came in droplets across the screen....its not like it was a spray that coverd the screen and the actors......the swearing was limited to the few Americans (typical) and there was very few of it.....no sex.....there was a sort of a kiss between Cruse and a Japonese widorer though......OOOOH MY SINFULL! GAHHHH -slaps movie with R rating- ....but really i supose the sujjestion of a death on a grand scale can be tranatic to children and there were somesplit second sceins where a sword served its purpouse (ie people got cut) so oh well its still a good movie......i alsow saw underwolrd for the first time.....ok everyone out there thinking im slow on the movie uptake just SHUT UP! .....Underwolrd was ok....everything looked awsome....the likans the fight sceins .....the only thing was when someone ran.....my god they look so goofy it just kills the tension...but then agian everyone looks weird running tward you.....there were four uses of possibal R language.....f and s.....for some resion everytime the said fuck it didnt fell right.....it was always a scein where there was no sound and he was yeling it.....it seemed like that was all they wanted you to focus on which is stupid.......in any case it was a decent movie.....perfect for you cult clasic fans out there so have at it.....
we have a digi cam finally!....i have no homework!.....i found the #1 of FLCL finally.......its raining......a good day

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Saturday, May 1st, 2004
12:17 pm
All Your Base are Belong to Us!
haaa i love that phrase....and now its a catchy dance rhythem.....haa well its time for an update doncha think?....yea
well schools almost over i think i mentiond that allready. the last few weeks have been a sort of hell, projects everywhere but thankfully it all over now and i made out with some not to shabby grades......well they were still shaby but they were ok. uuuuuuh suukou is like an boat on the water.....that just poped out......but no it is. it has times when it gets really good with a bunch of really good ideas and really good comics that look half-way decentand afterwads it goes down with absolute nothing going on....rigtht now its doing really good. me and Zashi have come up with some really......origonal stuff.....but i think the only people who are getting it is us .....o-well screw you guys.
i got my english writing exiam grade back......made a 4.....yay.....89% out of all NC......missed the top 10 my fucking 1% god damnit im pissed now -_-. ......ok im ok now

its raining now.......i like rain......i have no homework.....this is weird.....no projects.....now bookwork......no vocab......i dont know what to do ......im guna go work on suukou i guess......maybe gutiar........its raining now.........

Current Mood: bored
Monday, April 19th, 2004
9:22 pm
should be doing something usefull.......bahahahaha
wow this week just went crappy reall fast.......i have a geometry project due wed which isint too bad cause im allmost done, english 2 project due friday where im rewriting the play A Dolls House im allmost done and then iv got to memorise the lines to do infront of class, Spannish skit due May 3rd which will hav to wait and the World History project due next friday (was due this weds but thanx to my ability to act spazzy i got it changed).....not to mention i have comprehensive testing this wed and thurs and were going to Hawfeilds thurs.....which i cant go because im testing and there going out to eat which makes me want to kill them.....and as if that wasnt enough mrs burton has givin us all our homework due friday in advance and we have a new vocad in English and more reading quizes in english AND TO TOP IT OFF i have my last tennis match thursday. -.- frag...........well now you know.......anyone wona switch places with me? no? frag agian.

Current Mood: stressed
Monday, April 12th, 2004
3:27 pm
ok why are all my entrees so fucking dramatic?....im really not that much of a wet blanket i supose my online personality has been listing to too much In Flames and Straping young Lad. so just for the fun of it im gunlet my people personality an make an update. cut threw all the short stuff...debate went ok i won...glad its over....schools almost over yay.....now im working on a bunch o exaim projects.....really just fillers so people who got sucky grades can improve....but i can alwasy use the free extra credit.off fer easter which is why im updating....got back from Grifton....dont know where that is....dont wory nether dose anyone else....in short went to go visit my slack ass relitives....actually it was a pretty ok visit for once....not alot of af arguments which is good....got a tuner for my gutair for easter but it was 2 weeks ago so no easter candy for me....looks like ill have to walk down to cvs and rade their stock.....bwahahahaha. its raining....alot....YAAAAAAY I LOVE THE RAIN!.....yes thats true id trade a nice suny day for a rainy wet one any time. well thats all for now thanks for tuning in well be back agian when.......well when i god damn fell like it so there!

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Saturday, March 27th, 2004
7:31 pm
why are my updates always sooo freeking long?
wow i really suck when it comes to my lj.......sry to any poor sole whose still reading my sad life. But no really I have a good resion for not updating. Schools in the fourth 9-weeks which means its about over.....and i have to say this is probly the first year iv really looked forward to summer....all kids like summer i know that but for several stupid resions i just want this year over with. End of the year also means exiams....which means teachers are working overtime to cram in all the stuff they never got to teach, meaning projects projects and homework.....weve also been doing debate in C+R (composition and research) which is sorta fun. debating over the actions between Israelis and Palestinians which is actually very intristing. the debates themselves will hapen next week which i am glad. I want them over with when we started it was all retty fun but now schools goten alot more chaotic and im streesed agian. even better a tv crew is invited to record a debate. guess which one.....nope.....nope.....wrong....give up?....mine yeah thats right. on one level im flaughterd that mr. smith deems my hedious debating acceptiable to represent the school but im also anoyed by it. since we dont really know when there comming i have to be ready to go when ever they come. right now we think its guna be thursday but it could be sooner meaning that no matter what day i have to be ready (wardrobe and mentaly) to debate every day. but i have a chance of drawing possibal future scholorships if i do good so ill try and keep that in mind.
apart from school, my love life has become the topic of quite a few rumors lately. which i guess i understand because iv never had a love life and its always funny to see me in love....or is the term "in like"? what the fuck i dont care i still like "in love". yes thats right i can hear the laughter building up go ahead you wont be the first. i wont mention her name (yes HER) because i dont want to risk her any more ridicule than iv allready caused. i guess its my fault, i told whit i liked her and she told me that she like me too and that i should ask her out, which has never been my strong sute. so after spending about a week of mental preperation i finally asked her out...although im still not sure she understood me....she said ok and that was the end of it.....which is where im lost at....from the way it was described whit said that she really liked me and she would be really happy....what i got was an "OK"....and the next day it was the talk of several students. im used to being confused when it comes to matters of the heart but this times a little diffrent....so far i havent been able to sit down and talk to her about anything thats going on so i mnot sure where we are....normaly i would wait and talk to her online but her computer got fried so now i barley get to talk to her which is a bitch cause i really like talking to her....so thats where i am....possibaly ether on the verge of my first girlfrend (yes i do mean girl -.-) or....screwing up a really good frendship.....or nothing at all and im just overeacting.
ON A HAPPY NOTE! suukou is doing quite well. Zashi still hasnt updated sine christmas but iv goten a few comics done and we finally have a line of charactors and a steady plot. the changes?...i added 3 other charactors ave myself a job put us (whit the exception of Zashi) living together, trapped muzzy in a pc and added a couch (every comic needs a chouch). <(^^)> im so escited when summer comes around ill finally have the time to do regualr updates. i cant wait....since the site is still dusty you can just e-mail me and ill send you new comics i get em. kay!
well im guna go wander around aimlessly in cyber space
take care!

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Saturday, March 6th, 2004
9:10 pm

Ok now that i got that out time for details of my travels!
dad was gone all week in chichago (i soo spelled that wrong) so it was just me erin and mom. not so bad a week, mom gets really depresed when dads gone so we have to keep her all smile. which was ok untill she had a bad day at work and came home and got all pissed at us....which is ok i guess, made it fell more like home. heh funny. Any who last night we went to pick dad up at the airposrt and got lost. hehe we ended up at what had to my the soryest excuse for a mall i have ever seen! The mall itself was beutiful, HARD WOOD FLOORS IN A MALL! HARD WOOD! i dont want to even know how much they spent on it...but for what it excelled in looks there was not a decent store to be held. WE WERE THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THE MALL! I COULD WHISPER AND THERE WAS AN ECHO DAMNIT! it was full of chotheing stores ......and thats it.....nothing else no music store, no hobby store, not even a fsking toy store for the kiddies. i did although find a book store. which i spent about 10mins explaining to the people there what manga is....i think they thought manga was another word for "fsk off" .....i looked around at the books and found out why there was no manga......all the books were from the 1980's. i was in hell. O_O
any who we got dad home and looks like i wasnt forgoten. dad went to the house of blues which for those of you who dont know that. its a really exclusive restruant with kick ass music....ive never been there but others have. dad brought mae back this really awsome gutair pick which i descoverd far surpasses anything im using now ^.^ along with that i got a pin in the shape of a gutair with a peaice sign at the end of the neck and was adorned with stars oh its so awsome ^_^_^_^.

-the next day-

it rained alot....which for me is a sign of an gloreous day but alas it was was not. last night aj had informed my that they (Adriann, whitney, philip, kiki, ty, and justin, and possibly me) wee planing on going to see 50 first dates with an imphesis on the word planing. this morning mom adn dad decided they wanted to go to Crabtree mall and do a littl shoping. since i didnt know wether the movie was a sure thing and iv been meaning to go to Sam Goodies at the mall and get some gutair sheet music (my own music is starting to bore me) i said "sure what the heck" -.- big mistake.

arriving at the mall i first headed to Sam Goodies only to find the gate thingy locked around the entrance. aparently Sam Goodies had gone out of busnis some weeks ago and i missed the memo (im not signed up for a memo just so you know that was a joke now LAUGH!) big downer but what the hell i still have Suncoast. i headed there and haza i found the second volume of Megatokyo! iv been looking fer that even though iv allready read it all online i felt i needed to actually posses it ....-shrug- i dont know dont look at me like that. ....but it was still early so i left SC and headed for the bookstore. there i pretty much spent the rest of the time reading Chobits (adriann got me hooked on it now i have to read the entire series THANKS A LOT! LOL) anywho got #2-#3 read and then time to meat up with ol ma and pa fer some lunch. i dont know what happend but mom got a migrain and was mad at dad and dad wasnt making it any better -.- how i grow tired of that. Any way!

thigs calmed down and i broke down and asked my mom fer some money (i hate doing that) i went back to Suncoast and got MG2 and a box of pocky (loooooooooooooove poky ^_^) eventually we left for home.

upon getting home i find that Adriann had called me.....looks like planing ment a yes -.- damn.....i got online and found kiki had updated her lj. seems like she had had an black-out at Colonial Mall and now there might be a chance that she has diabeties......WHAT THE FUCK!.....whats going on?! every time something happens to one of my freinds im not there! i want to be there for her i really did. (not that way people) but she seems ok but still on the lookout though. -whew- thank gods

but on a happy note, suukou may have been slowed down but not to worry more is on the way. right now im working on a sort of deep "dead moopie day" (for those of you who dont know what that means i dont plan to exaplin it ^_^) so look out ill try and get more up soon. and remember people the site seems to be dead so anyone wanting new comics please e-mail me at yodawarz@hotmail.com and ill add you to the mailing list.

well thats all for now peoples adios!

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Monday, February 23rd, 2004
7:44 pm
a day.....
uuuh....well today was ......a day....started off with me getting yelled at. dad was yelling "Drew get out of your room!" "wheres the tape despencer?" "i dont know, i have my own tape" "dont tell me that get down here and look for it!" mom "thats it no one gets online today!". lucky for me everyone cooled down and here i am. school was blah i was half asleep in first period and i grabed me geometry book for sceince....great suprise for me....any way didnt need it cause we had a test i forgot to study for over the weekend....oh well wasnt too bad i got done with it pretty fast and i bet some of the answers are right....geometry was pretty good...since i allready had my book i didnt need to fight the crowd at the lockers....could be the resion im still alive...anywho the homework we had for tonight i did over the weekend so no homework for me. spanish was another pain in the arse. Im really learning to loath the sound of snikering...pretty much every juvenile (there all older than me thow) was jumping around acting like a bunch of jack asses (agian) and poor mrs. Nusem trying to keep order. what she needs to do is start writing some of em up and after a while they wont be there anymore. but she wont she hasnt all year why should she start now -.- -sarcasim- next was mrs Coel.....GAAAAH I WILL KILL HER!...IM GOING TO RIP OUT HER THROAT AND SHOW IT TO HER! god damnit i hate that woman. Im not kidding when i say I can be in the best of moods everythings going fine great day and as soon as i go into mrs Coels class ....SHOOOOM! happy gone, loathing and hatred in. she's like a vampire just sucks the hapy out of people to fe her self...she's always happy always walking around talking aout god know what (if he cares) we never get into the lession instead she hands out worksheets that does the "teaching" ....I CAN DO THE ON MY OWN! THE SCHOOL DOSNT NEED TO WAST MORE MONEY ON A TEAHCER THAT DOSNT TEACH!...GAH man see just talking bout her and im pissed -.- ....moving on.....C+R mr. Smith when on the Snowboard trip so we had a sub....big mistake for my class....i think in the end i was hte only one actually working (debate speeches we have to do both Aft and Neg...those of you who do debate know what i talking bout) didnt get very far....kept runing into writers block eventually i had a writers pyramid and just gave up...English 2 wasnt so bad SMith wasn there agian so we had worksheets on a peice of African literature this one in particular called "THINGS COME APART" i think thats it....cant remember brain fried uuuhg.....oh yea i won another itune form pepsi...that makes two now....i should cash em in sometime....yea latter....
Oh yea used my free weekend to finally do some more Suukou im adding three new charactors if neone cares and im finally creating a actuall plot for the thing instead of poking random fun at gaming companies and webcomis....i still have to send Zashi the comic so he can post it (Zashi owns the site im kinda renting it) if new one is really board i could alway ues the publicity www.suukou.topcities.com
enjoy......oh hey anybody got neyidea what songs i should cash in for?.........

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Saturday, February 7th, 2004
11:25 pm
long over due
This is waaaaay long over due...sry for anybody whose been reading (matter of fact i feel sry for who reads this) i havent been updating but its for a good resion....im not really suposed to have a lj ..mom thinks that if i have a lj somebody is going to rape me or something....i dont know ether....i have reeeeealy uptight parents......O.O
anywho not much going on i supose....Metamorphisis is a really crapy story!..we have to read Metamorphisis in english2 and it is really stupid...guy become a cockroach and dosnt want to except it....AND HE THINKS TOO MUCH....god thats all i want is a stupid cockroach thinking about geting on a bus.....BOARING!....AND STUPID!
anywho were finaly done reading it and i have to do a project on it so i chose to do a comic book version of it...its comin along quite nicely if i do say so myself and im guna try an post it when im done. ^.^
mrs Cole is still being a bitch....ooooo do i really wona kill her....all she does is give us a worksheet ....thats it we look in the book get the answers and another worksheet then a test....I CAN DO THAT ON MY OWN WHY ARE THEY PAYING HER TO JUST SIT THERE AND HAND OUT WORKSHEETS!...IF YOUR GOING TO PAY A TEACHER'S SALERY (not much i know) AT LEAST HAVE SOMEONE TEACHING!....GOD I REALLY WONA BUST A CAP IN HER ASS (as they say on the street...yo)

im playing the guitar if no one knew...im taking lessions from Mr. Dragon the social studies teacher for middle schoolers (rma goes from k to 12) Mr dragon is so cool! hes like a hippy, in his 20s, vegiterian (im not), is reall hary, and lives out of his truck, plus he talks like he's stoned ^.^ "every one just stop playing for a second and just fell the music" ^___^ sooo awsome! i guess im pretty good for a newb i know a few things but im no hindrex yet...key word yet

ANY WHO! till next time

peace out my fan club of me
Monday, January 5th, 2004
10:00 pm
....Ok last entry was a real downer...i didnt put all that was buging me down, and i still havent goten over any of the stuff...but somebody has to put on a hapy face around here, so Im guna try and move on. AND NOW ON WITH THE MOVING!

Today school started back at River Mill...all together i guess it wasnt that bad...i didnt get swamped with homework, last i checked i was still passing...one thing though that really pissed me off is my World History Teacher...the Demon goes by the name of Ms.Coel...and she is one of the bigest pain in the asses iv ever met. For our first semester exiam she gave it to us in the form of a scantron (think thats how its spelled)
1.I HATE SCANTRON!...its stupid its too easy to make mistakes by just circling bubbles!
2.ITS 0% RELIABLE!...we get our tests back and she tells us that it screwed up and may have counted more problems wrong than were actually there...in my case it counted four more problems wrong that were right...and because of that i allmost failed!...not to mention that when i went back and hecked my answers to many of the questions to count had wrong right answers ....wow that sounded confusing...
3.MS. COEL IS A DUMBASS!...need i say more

and those are just the resions for the exiam...she seems to be under the dulesion that the class she teaches has the intelect of fourth grade (just so you know, im a sophmore, and RiverMill is a college prep school) she fells she has to spend the entire period explaining how to use a book....BOOK....and she seems to have a problem grading ANYTHING!...she is totaly screwing up our grades!....-.- she must be taken out of the picture...i shall not stand for such insolence...

other than that the day wasnt that bad...we get to start debating this semester...looking forward to that...finally i get graded on what iv been getting in trouble for .BWAHAHA!

i finally used up my books-a-mill gift card. bought Trigun voulum1...its really good...i always wonted to see Trigun when it used to come on late but i dont stay up much on school days so guess so much for that. but now i have the manga and i get to relive all the wonderious action threw the book.

guess thats all for now
if anyone cares you can check out my web comic on www.suukou.topcities.com

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Sunday, January 4th, 2004
7:16 pm
somebody help me
This world is really starting to tick me off...december was full of rushed projects (which despite my efforts i did louzy on) exiams (which i did really louzy on...but luckly didnt fail) and then the strees of christmas didnt help much. i got in a fight with my parents New Years Eve i dont know when it started but it ended right before 2004...i didnt fell much like celibrating.

And just as though that wasnt enough my loving dog Tessie got sick last night...she really scared me and my family so we called the vet and they told us to get her there right away...i had to stay behind but they rushed her to the vet. the doc said her stomach had goten twisted and that caused all her internal organs to get twisted...Tessie is over 12 years old and the only way to fix it was to do a surgery ...the surgery was extremly risky...even more so for her age...we decided we loved her too much to let her go threw so much pain...she was put to sleep...

-in-between tears-

we barried her in the back yard ...where she use to barry her bones and dog buscits...the house is so quite now...every where i turn i see her...her bed...her food bowls...everything but her...i keep expecting to see her running threw the hall way triping over her ears (she was a bassidhound if anyone gives a care)...every time i come home i keep going to the door to let her in...she isint there...her hair used to agitate my allergies...i wont that felling back so much.

-holding back crying-

as if that wasnt enough, a freind of mine (Zashi) and his girl freind (Pinky) have broken up. Which is really sad because they seemed so good for eachother...at least i thought so...but then agian iv never been i na relation before so i guess i wouldnt know. more bad news...Pinky who i know over Instant Mesenging, her father has to have surgery for a tumor...

whats going on...i dont understand whats going on with the world...it seems like every one i know is getting hurt...2003 was a bitch and i was looking forward to 2004 but now....i just dont get it...nothings is working right...

somebody help me...i dont understand

"it seems that that was good has died, the world is changing" (taken from Disturbed's song Get Down With The Sicknes)

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Wednesday, December 31st, 2003
9:52 pm
HEY LOOK I FINALY GOT A LIVEJOURNAL...amazing...yea...great ...wowho!...yea ok that was fun
just thought i should at least start my little journal off with a little howd-yea-do? Nothing new to report just yet ...WAIT DONT LEAVE there will definatly be more in the future. dont wry sometime or another ill have somthing to report and THEN JUST YOU WAIT! OOOH YES YOU JUST WAIT...YOU IMAGENARY PEOPLE IN MY HEAD :| ....ok then happy new years...it whole new year...ill see you all when Y2K blows up the world and the nucluar blast sends us all to hell ^_^

Current Mood: annoyed
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